Fe-manifesto 2015

The Orchard is a play by Natalie McGrath produced with Dreadnought South West and is part of their larger project ‘Rebellious Sounds’ which explores 100 years of women activists in the South West today and asks – ‘What is a rebellious sound?’

Fe-manifesto was a series of workshops, inspired by Jenny Holzer’s truisms and Nicci Wonnacott’s ‘Womanifesto’ that encouraged women to talk about what inspires them to positive, personal or public, social change. Inscribing our slogans onto pennants and sashes, these objects then made their own rebellious sounds when taken outside and moved in the breeze. Personal manifesto taken into the public environment; on Teignmouth quay, into Exeter’s Rougemont Gardens, in a community hall garden, and our words were waved and given into the winds. This was documented with film and photographs.

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