Culture Data Projector – a new commission

albie_filming_CDP       met_office_ramm

Culture, Data, Projector is a Fabian’s Film multidisciplinary collaborative project between five Artists/Filmmakers and Met Office Scientists. The aim is to produce a series of five (5 minute) documentary films, which explore the artistic possibilities of using data (digital, electronic and traditional hardcopy archives) as part of a documentary narrative.

I’ve been exploring the Informatics Lab, a Met Office initiative to look at creative ways to make data useful. They have tons and tons of data and they want to see how it can be useful to us… or me or you. I’m going to be seeing if I can create a series of component animations that ‘seem’ to interact with their developing 3D visualisation of weather data.

3D data visualisation of weather systems

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Also funded by Exeter City Council.

In collaboration with The Met Office (Exeter), Exeter City Council, Exeter College and the Open Data Institute.